A van for the Good Samaritan Drug Rehabilitation Centre

Missionaire en sociale projecten
Pozoblanco, Spain
Ministry Type:
HealthcareMercy MinistriesOutreach & evangelisatie

For nearly 25 years, the Good Samaritan Drug Rehabilitation Centre, a non-profit evangelical Christian association in Andalusia, Spain, has been helping men dependent on drugs and alcohol to not only be free from their addictions but to find out about eternal freedom from a life lived with Christ as their Lord. The centre is situated a long way from civilisation and therefore a large vehicle is essential for transporting residents to and from the centre for medical trips, church services and other excursions. It is also necessary for transporting out produce grown at the centre to be distributed locally, for bringing necessary supplies to the residents and to support the Cordoba Food Bank which helps local families. It is extremely useful when teams come to help out at the centre and in the towns around.

The 9-seater vehicle that we currently have was brought in 2005 and has been well used. It´s maintenance and regular breakdowns were already becoming increasingly frustrating and costly, and then recently it was involved in an accident. We have started a project to buy a new minibus through the local Peugeot dealer (Peugeot Boxer Combi 5/9 330L 1 HI blue HDI 120 CV) who will collaborate with the project along with other local businesses and town councils. We estimate however that we still need to raise €10,000 in the next few months before we buy the vehicle. Would you consider helping to support the Good Samaritan Drug rehabilitation centre by donating towards the purchase of this minibus?

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