Marcos & Rose Silva

We long to see entire families saved and made whole by the Lord

Marcos and Rose have been involved in a variety of church planting initiatives in Portugal since 2007. They currently live in Montijo, south of Lisbon, where they are involved, along with their daughters Gloria and Victoria, in the ministry of a growing church on the south bank of the river Tejo, with a special focus on ministry to families.  Currently,  they are in the process of raising support, to become full members of the ECM team in Portugal.

The Portuguese culture, has always had a strong focus around the family. We believe that, by working to heal the traumas and difficulties faced by families here, through God's grace and love, we will see examples of strong Christian families emerging, which will naturally lead to friends and relatives being drawn to Christ also. 

MisionĂ¡rios (Portugal)
Land van oorsprong

With ECM since 2016