CGD Dornbirn

Ministry Type:
Administrative WorkArts and MusicChildren and YouthChurch DevelopmentOutreach & evangelisatie

The first ECM missionary to the western province of Austria (Vorarlberg) arrived in 1965. Seven years later the first evangelical church was planted in the town of Dornbirn in 1972. For the following 30 years the CGD church was led by a number of different ECM missionaries from the UK, the Netherlands and Australia. Ten years after the last ECM missionary couple left, the Dornbirn church finally appointed its first native pastor in 2012, who was discipled and trained by those ECM missionaries.

Today, thanks to ECM's long term involvement, the CGD church is now Austrian-led, self-sustained, and strives to be an example to other evangelical churches in how to train and disciple young Austrians to serve and lead the indigenous church. The vision now is for the church to mature and cultivate an "Austrian flavoured faith" in the Good News of Jesus Christ to grow on a grass-roots level. The church hopes then to help plant and strengthen other indigenous churches, who themselves reach out to their own fellow countrymen and women in an increasingly secularised and religiously and ethnically diverse society.

Ministry opportunities lie in the discipleship and training of men and women to become solid in their faith and in their service of the kingdom. We need workers who help evangelise the people of Austria and share the hope in an otherwise hopeless Europe. There are also numerous practical needs to be met, such as in technical or music ministries, hospitality ministry, children & youth ministries as well as communication and media ministries.

So come and join a bunch of Austrians to reach out to their fellow people and help the church to mature and grow with what God has given you to give!