Szczepan & Kamila Cackowski

We want to see our Christian community on fire for Jesus and passionate for people. We want to see Mikołów transformed by the gospel, a place where people are touched by the presence of the disciples of Jesus. We want to see our local government act in line with the teachings of Jesus.

Szczepan was born into a Christian family in northwest Poland. His journey in youth ministry started at age 15 when he began co-leading his church’s youth group. For many years, he served and discipled young people, as well as leading camps and other outreach events in Poland. 

In 2005, he moved to the United Kingdom where along with his wife Kamila and two friends they planted a church for Polish immigrants. They started a non-profit organisation focused on raising awareness about human trafficking and Szczepan also worked with ECM Ireland resourcing and encouraging outreach, to immigrant communities.


In 2015, Szczepan and his family returned to Poland to join a church planting team in Mikołów, where he is responsible for youth ministry, leading worship, outreach work, building and maintaining relationships with town' officials, and occasional preaching. Together with Kamila, he runs a basketball project called Jordan Basket+ for kids aged 6 to 10 and their parents. Through this and other initiatives, Szczepan and other christians around him are bringing the presence of Christ into their town. Szczepan also coordinates summer mission teams to Mikołów. 

Szczepan and Kamila have three sons, Noah, Aaron and Samuel.

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