Peter & Silje Lilly

“We vinden het geweldig om te zien hoe de aanwezigheid van Christus een cultuur transformeert en uitdaagt en hoe de liefde van Jezus van daaruit heelt en richting geeft aan het leven van mensen.”

We are missionaries based in Mauguio, a small town of 17,000 people just outside of the bustling city of Montpellier, where Silje grew up. Mauguio may be small but it’s also vibrant, with lots of bars and restaurants, a good community feel, and a central place where there are always children playing. There is, however, no evangelical church in Mauguio.

We are convinced that the creator God is the God of creativity! That he calls us to creatively engage with those around us, and this can help us reach very skeptical people, with the truth of the gospel. Our aim is to embed into this community using, art, music, sport, philosophical discussion, board games, meals, family life etc. to make friends and witness to the love and transforming power of Christ. We would love to see a living community of new believers begin to grow in this town. 

We are also excited by the prospect of working alongside a local Christian school, where Silje will be volunteering as an art and music teacher. We are thrilled by this opportunity to embody and share the gospel with non-christian families, and to encourage christian families in their faith and discipleship. 

Sending churches

Fairfield, Northwood Hills Evangelical Church, England :

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