Diane Nicholls

“God, I do admin, what can you do with that?”

My name is Diane and I am originally from Portrush in Northern Ireland

The majority of my working life has been spent in Administration, Office Management and Human Resources, spending a period of that time specializing in Recruitment.

After becoming a Christian in 1986, I often heard people say that God wastes nothing and uses our talents for his purposes.  I always believed that to be true for others with specific gifts and talents. I would sometimes throw a challenge heavenward and say “God, I do admin, what can you do with that?”

In March 2016, I quit my job in an office management role to see what else God had for me. Within a month of that I had joined with 3 others on a short-term mission trip to Northern Greece to the Idomeni Refugee camp to see how we could serve.  That one trip became many over the next 4 years distributing vitamins to refugees in camps. Several of those trips were to the Moria camp on Lesvos.

I told a friend at Christmas in 2019 “I think I’m done and have one more trip in me”.  God clearly heard me and had other ideas.  That one trip became a long-term volunteer appointment starting on 9th September 2020 serving on Lesvos with Eurorelief as Volunteer Co-ordinator – doing, guess what? Admin, HR recruitment and some office management.  And I wouldn’t be anywhere else, doing anything else. I know I am here for His purpose and His mission and I get to facilitate hundreds of volunteers who come to serve and perhaps find their call.

Short-term Missionary in Greece
Land van oorsprong
Northern Ireland

October 2022