Noah and Suzi Bartlett

Hope, Rafael

Suzi and Noah Bartlett are missionaries from Northern Ireland serving Afghan and Iranian refugees with Helping Hands in Athens, Greece. They have been married since April 2018 and have two children, a daughter called Hope Parinaz (Persian for ‘beautiful fairy’), born in 202, and a boy called Rafael Omid, born in 2023.

Noah was born in England but was raised in France, while Suzi was born and raised in Northern Ireland. Before moving to Greece Noah worked in finance, having previously studied theology. Suzi worked as a primary school teacher and used the summer of 2016 to serve refugees at Helping Hands in Greece for the first time. After a month there, She returned with Noah in October and they both felt that they needed to spend more time investing in this community after they got married. In August 2019 this became a reality when they moved to Athens for what they thought would only be a year. Six months in, both chose to leave their jobs that had granted them sabbaticals and have now been in Greece for 3 and a half years.

Their long term hopes are to continue working with refugees in Northern Ireland and then in France combining it with church planting and pastoring. Their dream is to see the local church fully embrace refugee communities and become a united and diverse family.

Suzi enjoys dancing and photography while Noah enjoys playing music and running. They are united in hating hiking.

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