Jared & Verena Bradley

“The whole being of any Christian is faith and love. Faith brings the person to God, love brings the person to people.” Martin Luther

After ministering in West Asia for a number of years, we have a heart to minister to Turks, Muslims and all backgrounds. There are about 4 million Turks in Germany, an unreached people group that has largely been unevangelised. Our desire is to plant a multiplying church in Germany that is outward focused and gospel centred. Germany, once the birthplace of the Reformation, is a spiritual wasteland today. There are very few churches in Germany who are faithful to the gospel. Would you join us in partnership to see the many unchurched, de-churched, and unreached come to faith in Christ and be discipled?

Cross Culture (Jared) & First Culture (Verena) Workers in Germany
Land van oorsprong
Australia (Jared) & Germany (Verena)

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