Aldeir & Nicéia Lopes

Daniel, Felipe

“Only one life, it will soon pass. Only what was made for Christ will remain…” C.T. Studd

We arrived in Portugal in October 2021. We are in the District of Portalegre, Alentejo region, one of the districts with the fewest evangelical churches in Portugal. We live in the city of Ponte de Sôr, here we support 4 other congregations and work as a youth leader in the city's Congregational Church. Our youth work focuses on discipleship, mentoring and training through Bible studies and youth group meetings. 

Since April 2022, we have made a commitment to revitalize a small church in  Tramaga , which, despite being 88 years old, had only 6 members, but even in  a short time we can already see the fruits. Glory to God for that! 

Our main focus is within the Portuguese community, those who do not know  about Jesus Christ. We are currently studying and interacting with other  Portuguese students for the purpose of sharing God's love. In addition, we work  as volunteers in a local Association and visit people who live alone, we carry  out activities in nursing homes, among other activities to become known in the  city and speak the Gospel of Christ. 

Please pray for us! We believe in the power of prayer. 

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Aldeir and Niceia Lopes