Aislinn Duffy

One of my prayers for my time in Spain is that God would use me in daily life for His glory. I am going to serve Him and I am excited to see His Kingdom come here in Spain among university students.

Aislinn Duffy works with university students in Barcelona, Spain

Aislinn is serving as a staff worker with GBU (University Bible Groups - IFES Spain). She is married to Bernabé and they live in Castelldefels, just outside Barcelona.

The vision of GBU is to give every student in Spain the opportunity to listen and respond to the gospel of Jesus; their mission is to make disciples of Jesus in the student world. This consists of groups of Christian students meeting up on their university campus to study the Bible and pray together, encouraging one another to share Jesus with those around them. The GBU staff seek to equip and train students in evangelism, Bible teaching and defending the faith, encouraging the students to be salt and light in their place of study and to engage in evangelism and mission. The best people to reach students with the gospel are students themselves. 

Barcelona has seven student groups across the city and Aislinn works closely with two of these groups, as well as the GBU groups in Aragón (Zaragoza and Huesca), 300km from Barcelona. She spends her time working with the student committee, doing one-on-one discipleship with some of the student leaders, attending weekly Bible studies on campus and also equipping the students through various training days and workshops. Aislinn also helps the students to organise different evangelistic events throughout the year, as well as share life with the students and encourage them in their daily walk with God. 

 “I want to see students hearing and responding to the gospel of Jesus. To see Christian students mature in their faith, be equipped in defending the faith, and boldly stepping out to share the gospel with those around them. To see Jesus’ love impact and transform Spain.”

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Missionary in Spain
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Aislinn Duffy