Vidas & Rita Rimkai

Rugile and Ugne

We always keep our door slightly open, so God has brought many nations including locals to our home. We believe that our home should represent the Kingdom of God, thus hospitality has become a main activity for meeting people.

Rita became a Christian after the collapse of Berlin Wall. Vidas met God in the UK, while Rita was studying at Redcliffe College. In 2010, this missionary family from Lithuania joined ECM to work alongside churches in Gloucester (being based out of Brunswick Baptist Church).

The ministry started in their neighbourhood, where they fell in love with a Polish family. As God is a hospitable Creator, welcoming all into His world, the family enjoy welcoming people into their home. Here, the mundane conversations turn into prayer, discovery and openness to the Spirit of God. They run monthly refugee and asylum seekers meals at church and every few month they also set up a Free Shop for them.

Partners in ministry
Land van oorsprong

With ECM since 2010