Viktoria Haviley

I believe the internet is the future and instead of focusing on its negative aspects, I want to encourage local churches to embrace it as a tool for helping young people to find themselves in the ministry. I see a lot of young people who want to do something for Jesus. We give them that opportunity by equipping them as trainers on

Viktoria is a new member of the New Hope Ukraine team. 

She grew up in a small village, Sosnivka, 50 km away from Lviv.  After becoming the Director of Children’s Ministry at her church, she was desperate to learn theology and doctrine to better inform the curriculum at the church.  This prompted her to seek a B.A. in Biblical Studies.  As a current student of a four-year-distance learning program, she began seeking ways to be more effective in personal evangelism.  A colleague told her about this opportunity and, in August 2019, she transitioned into promoting and overseeing two websites ( and at New Hope Ukraine that evangelize and disciple believers throughout the country and abroad.  

Ukraine, a country of 44 million people, is learning how to live free, having emerged from both German occupation during the Second World War and Soviet rule in 1988.  Many Ukrainians have faith and biblical understanding of God, but lack a personal commitment or relationship. offers answers to difficult questions and courses led by mentors, who serve as personal coaches throughout the four-week courses.  Viktoria sees this as the wave of the future, as many trainers can serve when it is convenient for them on their smartphones from anywhere in the world.  Her desire is to target more young people and current believers in order to turn the time they spend on the internet into something productive. Her plans include presenting this opportunity to local churches as a tool for evangelism and the personal growth of new believers.  These churches tend to treat the internet with disdain and hold it at arm's length.  Viktoria wants to change this perspective by helping them see how it can be used for good.

Viktoria Haviley

Viktoria has a B.A. and M.A. in English Studies.  She grew up on American movies and has always been fascinated by English culture. She is an avid reader and thrift shopper and loves mash-ups of contemporary worship on YouTube. 

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