Julia Mercer-Wilson

My deepest wish is that others may know how high and wide and deep the love of God is and therefore want a relationship with Him.

To many, the word ´church´ is boring, irrelevant and associated with a complicated history and therefore best left in the past. Non-Catholic churches in Spain are largely regarded as sects for foreigners, yet the message of the God of the Bible is exciting, relevant and lifesaving. It´s a message people need to hear and see and must be made accessible to everyone, wherever they´re at. 

After almost 8 years in Alcalá de Henares, a diverse university city of over 200 000 Julia has moved to Alovera, a small town of 12 000 people where there is no church. She wishes to support the local believers in reaching out to the people of the town and sharing the hope we have in Jesus Christ. The focus is on 1:1 discipleship in its many and varied forms, especially with teenagers and young adults.

Land van oorsprong

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