Julia Mercer-Wilson

Mijn diepste wens is dat anderen zullen gaan ervaren hoe hoog en breed en diep de liefde van God is en dat van daaruit het verlangen ontstaat om een relatie met Hem te hebben.

To many, the word ´church´ is boring, irrelevant and associated with a complicated history and therefore best left in the past. Non-Catholic churches in Spain are largely regarded as sects for foreigners, yet the message of the God of the Bible is exciting, relevant and lifesaving. It´s a message people need to hear and see and must be made accessible to everyone, wherever they´re at. 

Jules is living in Alcalá de Henares, a diverse university city of over 200 000 people just 30km from Madrid. She is working to build up the credibility of believers in her neighbourhood. Joining with others from her church in Camarma, they have formed Asociación Vive which gives a platform for serving the community and building relationships. She is involved in teaching English to children, English Conversation Clubs for adults, Kids Clubs, Youth Space, Camps, serving women in the community, and discipleship in its many and varied forms.

Missionary,Teacher, Community Developer, Youth worker
Land van oorsprong

Met ECM sinds 2011