Dan & Anna Julian

Calvin, Lucy

Gods ongeƫvenaarde genade in Jezus Christus heeft ons getransformeerd. We willen deze genade verkondigen aan de mensen in Spanje.

Dan & Anna Julian live in Fuengirola, Spain. They are in Spain for God's glory, which is magnified by enjoying Him forever, striving to live with a whole-self love for Him, a repentant faith in Christ, a trusting life in the Holy Spirit, a persistent obedience to His Word, a selfless love for neighbor, a gospel-centered identification and fellowship with His people, and a relentless practice and pursuit of generous justice and prodigal mercy.

Dan and Anna serve with a team that teaches biblical and theological courses to pastors and others in the Spanish church, including Old and New Testament surveys, doctrine, church history, ethics, and apologetics. Dan also teaches systematic theology courses at a Bible college and serves as ECM Spain's Field Director.

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