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Je bent gemaakt naar het beeld van God. Hij houdt van je en Hij wil dat je Hem leert kennen

Church planters and English conversationalists

We arrived in Vila-real in November 2011 to start learning the Spanish language(s) and culture. In May 2013 we moved to the University district of Castellón. Castellón is a city of around 180,000 inhabitants and a scattering of evangelical churches. It is a provincial capital within the Comunidad Valenciana. Later in 2013 we started a small group in our home, in the University district of Castellón. This has out-grown our lounge and has developed into a bilingual (English and Spanish) community of God-worshippers with a very international and student-friendly flavour. Please visit the Facebook page to find out where we are currently meeting or which local beach or mountain we will be hanging out on this month!

“We’re excited to be here and see what God is doing in this part of the city. We believe that, as in other parts of Europe, many Spanish people have rejected what they see as ‘traditional religion’ but are open to seeking God in a more personal and relational manner."

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