Building for the Future in Claremorris

Claremorris, Ireland
Ministry Type:
Church DevelopmentMissional CommunitiesPioneer Church Planting

Our Story 

Ireland is a spiritually needy country. Less than 1%  are evangelical, many towns do not have a  gospel church. But God is at work in the West of  Ireland, with 8 new churches in 25 years.  Claremorris, and the surrounding area has a  population of around 16,000 people. 

Our church began in 2016 and good progress has  been made. We have seen people coming to  faith, getting baptised, and becoming church  members. We have also welcomed believers from  many different countries around the world who  have settled in the Claremorris area.  

Our ministry team is made up of Jonathan & Nicola McCracken (serving with ECM) and Andrew & Rachel Millar (serving with UFM) 

Each Sunday we gather to praise God and hear  from his Word. We hold various meetings during  the week including our Bible study, kids club,  ladies fellowship and youth fellowship. We love to  be together, with people staying after our  meetings to chat over a cup of tea. 

Building for the Future 

For 7 years we have hired rooms in Claremorris  Town Hall Theatre, located in the town centre. As  our church has grown, we are beginning to  outgrow the available space.  

Furthermore, the building has become noticeably  busier and is often unavailable, particularly for  meetings on weekday evenings. This has resulted  in us meeting across three different venues in  Claremorris town.  

We now have very limited capacity for new  people to join us and we are not as visible in the  community as we would like. The church members  have agreed that we need a new space for  growth, to have a visible presence in the town, and  to provide a warm welcome to everyone.

Exciting developments...please keep praying!

In mid-January this year, we came upon a very suitable business unit as shown below. The owner has agreed to sell the unit at a good price but this is dependent on planning permission to change the use of the building and on raising enough money to complete the sale. Please have a look at our latest project update for July 2024.

We submitted a planning application for change of use to the Council in April. We are pleased to share that planning approval was granted on 1st July. Fundraising has been going well and we are engaging with the owner of the building to progress with the purchase.

As you can see, the unit is spacious with a similar layout on the floor above. It also fronts onto a busy road that is great for visibility and has plenty of parking space around it. Please continue to pray for God's continued help and direction as we do our part to see the way ahead in this project.

We have now set up a building fund and are actively pursuing internal fundraising and external  donations. All donations, large or small, are  welcome. 


Building Downstairs

Room Upstairs

How to Give 

1. Directly by card on our website 

2. By bank transfer to our building fund account:  Calvary Church Claremorris Building Fund IBAN IE24AIBK93744415280198 (AIB) 

3. Tax-efficient donations via iMap, ECM or UFM  Worldwide 

4. Post cheques to Jonathan McCracken (address  overleaf) 

All donations should be marked “Calvary Church  Claremorris Building Fund” 

For all information needed on giving, see: 

We are affiliated to Calvary Mission, a charity  registered in the Republic of Ireland (CRA  20056353). 

Contact us 

Jonathan McCracken (Pastor) 

19 Rushbrook, Claremorris,  

Co. Mayo, F12 N2F1

Download our project Brochure here