ECM Brazilië

Address    : Travessa Carlos Cruz, 140 – Nova Cidade – São Gonçalo – Rio de Janeiro - CEP 24450-250 São Gonçalo
Telephone: +55 21 996 646 003
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The ECM office in Brasil is working with a dedicated team of office staff, board members and volunteers to the recruitment, deployment and support of missionaries. In addition, the office mobilizes Christians in Brazil to help build a different Europe, through prayer and financial support.

Office Team
The office team is responsible for the daily running of the ECM office. Recruiting and supervising (candidate) missionaries. Also we take care of the adminstration of funds, information, communication and facility support.

The board of ECM Brazil consists of a number of skilled, committed people with diverse backgrounds. They oversee the running of the office.

Er zijn geen vacatures beschreven voor dit land. Mocht u visie voor dit land hebben, neem dan contact met ons op, zodat we samen kunnen bekijken wat er mogelijk is!