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In Ireland, there are six ECM workers in three locations. 

  • In Waterford, we are developing the church plant in Ferrybank which has been serving the community since 2010.   
  • In Claremorris, Co Mayo, we are working alongside Calvary Mission to develop a church plant. 
  • In Skibbereen, Co Cork, we are working alongside Amazing Grace- a local church plant which was formed in 2021.


We are working with God to see biblically based and culturally relevant churches established in Ireland. Ireland today is increasingly becoming post-Catholic and secular.

The Story of Ireland

Ireland is a place where stories are told and treasured.  
I wonder what story you’ve heard of the Republic of Ireland?  

Is it the secular story, as faith is increasingly seen as irrelevant and progressive, liberal cultural values view Christianity as harmful? The 2022 census recorded 14% of people as having ‘no religion’.  This is the second biggest category after Roman Catholic, and compares to a figure of 0.1% with no religion in 1961.  

Or maybe it’s the same old story, as tradition and religion still hold sway, suspicious of new expressions of Christianity? Numbers of evangelical Christians are the lowest for any country in English speaking world at around 1%.  

Could it even be the spiritual story, as people are seeking new forms of meaning or mystery, as the secular story is too shallow?

Too often in our modern world we tell stories that are either this or that.  
Too often in this ancient island we have told stories that are either us or them.  
The truth is that in Ireland today there is a messy and mysterious mix of secular, spiritual and same old in the stories of this place and the people who call it home.  

The surprising story which doesn’t dominate the media is how a growing evangelical / Christian Church from a beautiful breadth of backgrounds is breaking the tired old divisions of us and them and allowing space for people to find a home spiritually.  A place where people are being equipped as disciples who will make disciples, as they come alongside others to walk with them towards Jesus.  This is a story we are glad to be part of and contribute to. 
In 2019 research by Evangelical Alliance Ireland, Growing and Vibrant, found over 500 Christian churches outside main denominations, of which 56.4% were ethnically mixed compared to 21.4% with 80% or more Irish.       

Growing churches. Give thanks for growth in churches in Waterford, West Cork and Mayo.  Pray especially for Calvary Church Claremorris, as they take a significant step of faith in their building project. 

Growing people. Please pray for the growing of disciples who make disciples and leaders within churches.  Also pray for the ECM team as we seek to develop others in church planting and discipleship.  Pray especially for someone to join the team in Ferrybank.  

Growing partnerships.  There is a growing spirit of partnership in the gospel across churches, mission agencies and Christian organisations.   Pray this might result in meaningful ways of working together, such as What’s the Story? evangelistic initiative.

What's the Story?






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De statistieken zijn bedoeld om een indruk te geven, niet om te stigmatiseren. De statistieken zijn overgenomen uit "Operation World, 7e editie, 2010", zie ook

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